The Lost Tribes
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Journey from Ancient Israel, across the Silk Road, Sub Saharan Africa, the Far East, and North America and learn facts, culture and legends of the lost tribes of Israel.

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North America – Select tribes of the Native Americans are speculated to have roots as ancient Israelites who traveled via the Bering straight. America is also home to the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade which has very strong roots of having taken slaves from the Igbo Israelite communities of Nigeria

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South America – In 1492 Spain had set an ultimatum for its Judean population- to convert or die. There are estimated to be millions of self identifying descendants of those who converted.

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Nigeria – The Igbo tribe, numbering around 40 million have a common identify as being descendants of the Judeans who fled into Africa 2,000 years ago. Their customs and traditions have a strong semblance to ancient Israelite practice.

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Europe – Home to Judean exiles for 2000 years, Europe has flourished with a vast network of communities who acted in unison with the Judean exiles of North Africa and the Levant. Millions remain who are the descendants of those who were force converted to Christianity, known as Marano’s or Anusim.

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Harare, Zimbabwe – The Lemba tribe in South Africa claim to be descendants of the Yemenite/Ethiopian communities who are believed to have been in Africa since the times of the Temple of Solomon, 2700 years ago. They have a percentage of the community with the ‘Cohen Gene’, a genetic marker of the descendants of Aaron, brother of Moses.

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Ethiopia – Perhaps the oldest exile community of ancient Israel, the Ethiopian Israelite community have texts and historical records tracing them directly back to the tribes of Israel. It is believed that different waves of Israelite exiles showed up over history all to be absorbed by the existing Israelite communities

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Afghanistan – The Pashtuns have been living in the Afghan mountains for 2,700 years, 25 million Pashtuns are still living in an ancient tribal order have their roots in the 10 missing tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Their code of life, Pashtunwalli contains many Mosaic laws and traditions.

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Mizoram – Home to the Shinlung and Kuki clans, a unique identity has sprung forth from South of China. Calling themselves the Bnei Menashe (children of Menashe), a large group of Israelites has returned to their roots embracing their ancient identity as having been travelers of exiled Israelites who went Eastward

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The Silk Road – There is certainty among historians that the Tribes of Israel traveled the silk road from its inception creating cultural booms and alliances over time. Their footprints can be found in Iraq, Kyrgystan, Kashmir, India and beyond

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Japan – The Shinto culture, hosting the oldest Monarchy in the world was incepted during the same exact years the 10 Tribes of Israel wandered to the far east, 2700 years ago. Certain aspects of their priestly worship are found nowhere else in the world outside of the The Temple of Solomon.

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